August 2021

Decoding Islamic State-Khorasan: What Lies in The Future For Afghanistan

Less than a day is left in the final deadline of withdrawal from Afghanistan while a group called Islamic State – Khorasan is making things difficult by launching two attacks in a span of four days. They are deadly, they are brutal, and they do not care of anyone. Decoding Islamic State in Khorasan is necessary to know their origin, ideology, capabilities and most importantly their promoters.

Taliban – How a Monster Was Born

Digging deep into the past as to how the dirty nexus of a Pakistani Army General & Darul Uloom Haqqania created Taliban – the worst nightmare for humanity & unleashed it over people of Afghanistan?

View: Fallout of Taliban on terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir

Two-decade old government in Afghanistan had fallen in just two weeks of blitzkrieg advance of Taliban who are eager to power & legitimacy. The very existence of Taliban was based on the foundation of Fear, Terror, Ultra-Fanatism and brutality. Many international experts apprehend that Taliban may fuel terror activities in Jammu and Kashmir.

Opinion | Panjshir Valley: A graveyard for invaders

Afghan resistance movement and anti-Taliban uprising forces personnel sit on an armoured vehicle at an outpost in Kotal-e Anjuman of Paryan district in Panjshir province on August 23, 2021, as the Taliban said their fighters had surrounded resistance forces holed up in the valley, but were looking to negotiate rather than take the fight to them

New Delhi’s Af-Pak: Old friends versus old foes: Should India accept Taliban, betray Afghans or support resistance movements like Saleh’s?

Afghanistan has lot in itself when it comes to India’s interests. It has friends and it has foes. Current situation changing rapidly, and the world is watching.

India has lot many options lying ahead.

“Should India accept Taliban, Betray Afghans or Support the resistance movement of Amrullah Saleh?”

Resistance in Afghanistan: Will Amrullah Saleh Be Able To Ward Off Taliban?

Vice President in Ashraf Ghani presidency, Amrullah Saleh has asserted on Twitter that he is the country’s rightful president and will do whatever it takes to fight the Taliban. He is getting support from Defense Minister Gen. Bismillah Mohammadi — as well as Ahmad Massoud, the son of the slain Northern Alliance leader Ahmad Shah Massoud.