China’s economy in the doldrums: The ghosts of Chinese real estate sector

In 2005, the Chinese property bubble started with a boom. Today, nearly 30% of the entire GDP of China comes from the real estate sector which is highest in the world in terms of financial volumes.

Israel-Hamas Prisoner Swap: Road to peace or a compulsion?

Despite a massive and swift operation by the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF), Israel could not trace its hostages.

Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran factor: Threat of a two-front war for Israel

It will be extremely difficult for Israel to contain the situation if the northern front becomes active amid its all-out offensive against Hamas in Gaza.

Hamas Attacks on Israel- the five burning questions

The Palestinian extremist organization Hamas launched the most unprecedented attacks on Israel on 07th October 2023. Ever since the famous Yom Kippur War fought fifty years back, Israel never faced such massive human loss ever in the conflicts with Palestine. 

Decoding the Hamas attacks on Israel

The deadliest ever attacks in the history of Israel-Hamas conflict have raised a long list of burning questions for any country facing cross border-terror threats. India too cannot remain untouched from this.

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