January 2022

Ukraine Crisis: Tightening the Russian Noose

The trigger to the present crisis was the Ukrainian deployment of over half of its Army to suppress Pro-Russian fighters in the Donbas region which compelled Russian president Vladimir Putin to first thin out its Embassy in Ukraine and then deploy its forces around Ukraine in a bid to pressurize Kyiv.

यूक्रेन संकट- रूसी घेराव के परिणाम

जब हम आजकल चल रहे संकट पर चर्चा करते हैं तो यूक्रेन की रणनीतिक स्थिति को समझना बहुत ही ज़रूरी है. यूक्रेन यूरोप के लिए एक रूसी प्रवेश द्वार है और इसी तरह, यह रूस के लिए नाटो का प्रवेश द्वार भी है.

Opinion-Decoding Kazakhstan protests

Kazakh people have been engaged in series of protests since 2018 and now situation has turned so ugly that neighbouring Russia and other countries were compelled to dispatch their forces so that ongoing protests can be controlled.

View: The dilemma of Pakistan’s National Security Policy

Pakistan, a country who survived on the grounds of hatred against India & fooled their countrymen on Kashmir despite of losing all wars in last seven decades is now fooling them again by populating a National Security Policy.The factors which ideally should be part of this policy but were not considered.