December 2021

CPEC spells economic doom for Pak

Per Capita GDP reduced from $1482 to $1194, External debt is 120% of its GDP, Circular debt rose by 210%, Power generation cost is PKR 26.5 per unit & Inflation is in double digit all the time. Indeed, China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has changed the game of Pakistan today.

Pakistanis fight for their livelihood in Gwadar

Baluchistan witnessed largest ever protest in Gwadar which went unprecedented over a month. First time people fought for their basic right to live. Although Pakistan PM Imran Khan Niazi promised the moon to the protesters but in the wake of Chinese take over of our western neighbour, will he be able to deliver his words and take action against Chinese Colonists.

Crisis in Mon (Nagaland) Leaves Several Unanswered Questions

The unfortunate incident in Mon-Nagaland has opened a new pandora’s box where local politicians & social groups are demanding repulsion of AFSPA. In a state where more than a dozen insurgent groups are running their parallel government & everything revolves around money, who will be the ultimate beneficiary in case AFSPA is removed?

Why S400 is Essential for India’s National Security

United States had been expressing its displeasure over the deal, but S-400 has something which no other weapon system of this kind has in the world. It is way ahead of everyone. So, what are the peculiarities of this system which make it extremely essential for India’s national security.