December 2020

An Indian Pilot Who Destroyed Chuck Yaeger’s Aircraft

The ace super pilot who broke the sound barrier on 14th October 1947, died at a ripe age of 97 years but he had an Indian Connection. He never thought that he would remember this tenure in Pakistan in year 1971 forever owing to an Indian Pilot who later became the Chief of Indian Naval Staff- Admiral Arun Prakash, PVSM, AVSM, Vir Chakra who destroyed his favourite aircraft in an Air Raid.

The Truth Behind Pakistan’s JF-17 Fleet And Its Failure

Pakistani JF-17 is one such product where Pakistan had to pay a price for a cheap Chinese product. Today, more than 50% of the existing JF-17 fleet is grounded. Pakistan is not only afraid to showcase it in any of the major air shows worldwide but has never taken this aircraft for any joint exercise with any of the major countries of the world.